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Welcome to Software As A Living!

My name is Rob, and I’m an Electrical Engineer by training and software developer and entrepreneur by passion, and I’ve created this blog as a way to narrate and share my experiences while trying to reach my goal: to get all the income I need through my own mobile app projects. Of course, “all the income I need” is rather vague, so I’ve set the following guidelines:

  • The income should amount to $2000 per month (this can come from app sales or ad revenue).
  • Currently not limiting myself to any specific OS, although most will probably be Android apps.

The awesome thing about software is the ability to create something once, and get recurring income indefinitely, without having to perform additional work (besides the normal support requests and updates when needed). My goal with this is to get a little more financial freedom, and maybe down the line to get geographical freedom, ie be able to travel more and still make money.

I’m already getting some money from existing apps I’ve made.┬áIn the next post I’ll go into detail about my current projects and income, as well as my ideas for future projects.

I’m also hoping this blog will help me network from other software developers which are attempting to do something similar, and to learn from their experiences.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!