Monthly report – January 2012

Monthly reports  |  February 16, 2012  |  No responses yet  

Monthly reportFirst of all I have to say it’s pretty awesome to be doing my first income report. I’ve been reading several similar blogs for the past several months and their monthly reports motivated me to continue working on my own apps. I hope this blog does the same for many other developers. I’ll provide my own analysis on the results first, then provide the raw figures for your own viewing pleasure.

Second, sorry it took so long. The last few days I’ve been in a rush to meet the Feb. 13th deadline for submitting an app to the Blackberry App World store for a free Playbook tablet. I not only had to make some changes (for example Blackberry doesn’t support the Text-to-Speech function), but submitting an app there is a really complicated process. Anyway, I submitted it on time and I’m waiting for it to be reviewed. This is a good thing for Android developers, as we just got a potential market increase of several hundred thousand.

Third, and regarding the actual data, this is not the first month in which I make some income from my apps. For this reason in this monthly report I will try to summarize my monthly income since August 2011. However it is the first time I count stats by app, so I won’t present any data regarding each app. Hopefully I’ll do this next month.

The results

This month’s income reached $516.98, which is the most I’ve made ever. The monthly income has been increasing ever since I first published an app in August 2011, however as you will notice below the percentage of increase is decreasing. I’ll have to see if the monthly income flattens out soon or if it can continue growing beyond the current numbers.

The Electrician Calculator Pro is making most of the income, with about 37% of the total. The next best apps in terms of income last month were French (16%) and English (14%). The Electrician Calculator Pro even surpassed other versions of the flashcard app in units sold for this month.

The forecast

I’m expecting income to grow at least a few more months. This is becauseĀ I’m about to publish an important update to the flashcard app which will fix some complaints users are having regarding the current version (2.3.6). This should increase the ratings, the number of active installs, and the purchases. I’m also about to publish a totally new language, which I’m also expecting to contribute to this growth, and I’m adding ads to the free version to dry run their payment system and see if going free is an option for the future.

I’m working on creating a sales video for the Electrician Calculator Pro app, and I’ve contacted an engineering blog which has accepted to perform a review. This should create an increase in visitors and purchases.

The financial data

Here is the raw financial data:

Month Payout Percent Increase
Aug ’11 $21.05
Sept ’11 $157.21 646.84%
Oct ’11 $237.83 51.28%
Nov ’11 $298.40 25.47%
Dec ’11 $408.51 36.90%
Jan ’12 $516.98 26.55%