Some February notes

Android  |  February 29, 2012  |  4 responses  

Hello! This month has been really busy for me. I’m currently temporarily relocated in the Orlando area because of my day job, and because of all the stuff I’m doing here, along with the fact that my laptop stopped working, has meant that I’ve been unable to update my apps as I expected. I’m hoping to have more time starting next week, so if all goes as planned I should be uploading a major update to the flashcard apps before March’s monthly report, as well as a minor update to the Electrician Calculator Pro.

I do have some news and thoughts regarding my apps and Android in general:

The Android Market is now selling more than just apps

Now you can find music, books, movies as well as apps in the Android Market. My question (or worry maybe) is that all this new stuff will negatively impact app sales, since there are more ways for Android users to spend their money. This hasn’t been the case so far, but we’ll see what happens.

It also means that there are new ways to make money with digital content. For example, as a game programmer you don’t necessarily always create your own art. Why not outsource the art, the story, and create a digital children’s book? This is a new opportunity which I’m already starting to research.

New best day: February 28th

February 28th broke my previous record of best day, with $49.28 in 24 hours. About $30 of those were due to calculator sales, and the rest from flashcard sales.

No work performed, income still rolling in

The magic of software and passive income: It appears that, despite not being able to work much on my apps, this month’s income will exceed last month’s. I hope to detail this in the next income report, however it’s noteworthy that despite this month having only 29 days, it follows the trend since August 2011 of increasing monthly income.

Happy Leap Day!