Language Flashcard Updates

Android  |  March 21, 2012  |  4 responses  

I just finished uploading version 3.0 of the Pro flashcard apps! This was a LOT of work, as it includes a bunch of updates and improvements both on the user interface and on the back end which I’m hoping successfully addresses some of the negative comments I’m getting. Since it has changed significantly, I also had to update the screenshots, promotional video (soon), etc. which adds to the work involved. Did I mention publishing an app is a lot of work? This is a summary of the updates:

  • Big improvement in the user interface. Before you had to press left and right buttons to get new words and see the old, and the text would just change to display a new word. Now you swipe them left or right, and the card flies out of the screen and the new card comes flying in.
  • To see the translation of a word you previously had to touch the word, and the text would change. Now you touch the card and the card rotates to show the back of the card which contains the translation.
  • Before, all the words were installed into a SQLite database the first time the app was used. These are thousands of words, so the process would take more than a minute. Alot of people would think the app froze because of this, and write negative reviews. This has been fixed, and you can be using your app immediately after download.

While testing I reinstalled the previous version to make sure the upgrade worked fine, so I spent a few minutes using the old version and I can say the improvement in the experience is significant. I can’t imagine going back to the old way.

If you paid attention you noticed I wrote that I updated the Pro version. This is because I’m having an issue with the ad experiment I’m running in the Free version. I’m currently using Millennial Media as my ad network, and I have an issue where the app will crash when the ad is pressed. I’m emailing them to see if I can get this resolved, but until then I’m holding on publishing the update of the free version. If it’s not resolved in a few more days I’ll look for another provider.

I really expect this to make a big difference in downloads and in ratings, and I’m hoping for this update to be the last major update (although I must note I thought the same thing with the last update).