Monthly report – February 2012

Monthly reports  |  March 9, 2012  |  6 responses  

Monthly reportAs I mentioned in my last post, last month I was unable to work on my apps as much as I wanted… actually almost not at all. However this was an interesting experiment in making money through passive income.

I’m still working out which pieces of information are worth sharing in these monthly reports and which aren’t, since it’s alot of work to get data for all of my apps. I guess with some trial and error I’ve achieve a good balance.

The results

This month’s income reached $590.16, which again exceeded last month’s income and is thus the most I’ve made ever. This was somewhat expected, as it follows the trend of decreasing percentage of income increments. In other words, even though I’ve been making more money each month, the percentage of increment from the previous month has been mostly decreasing.

Just since I’m a numbers nut, I’ve calculated that if the trend continues my monthly income increment should be zero in about 2 months, at around $640. However hopefully I’ll have the app updates ready before this happens and avoid this. Also this doesn’t take into consideration that February is a short month. At an average of $20/day, I would have made $610 or $630 any other month.

The forecast

Again, if I’m able to finish the updates, as well as some marketing material this month, I expect to see a good increment in sales, especially in April. I’m planning to put in at least 2 full weeks (nights and weekends) to finish these updates.

The financial data

Here is the raw financial data:

Month Payout Percent Increase
Aug ’11 $21.05
Sept ’11 $157.21 646.84%
Oct ’11 $237.83 51.28%
Nov ’11 $298.40 25.47%
Dec ’11 $408.51 36.90%
Jan ’12 $516.98 26.55%
Feb ’12 $590.16 14.16%

Monthly payout Feb 2012