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Language Flashcards reviewed in Droid Idol

April 25, 2012 |  10 responses  

The language flashcards app was recently reviewed by Droid Idol! What is this, you ask. Droid Idol is a website that reviews apps and declares a weekly winner. Although my app wasn’t this week’s winner, I was able to take home some good suggestions on how to improve it, and I even learned something new…     Read more »

First BlackBerry app is live

April 17, 2012 |  No responses yet  

BlackBerry announced a while ago that they were giving away free PlayBooks to Android developers who published their apps for their PlayBook tablet. I ran to the challenge and was able to meet their deadline by submitting the French version of the language flashcards. A shiny new PlayBook arrived at my door a few days…     Read more »

Monthly report – March 2012

April 12, 2012 |  4 responses  

It’s this time of the month again! As you might have read, about 2 weeks ago I uploaded an important update to my flashcard apps. I can already see the positive ratings increase, but I believe that it wasn’t in time to cause a significant increase in revenue for this month. We’ll have to wait…     Read more »