Language Flashcards reviewed in Droid Idol

Android  |  April 25, 2012  |  10 responses  

The language flashcards app was recently reviewed by Droid Idol! What is this, you ask. Droid Idol is a website that reviews apps and declares a weekly winner. Although my app wasn’t this week’s winner, I was able to take home some good suggestions on how to improve it, and I even learned something new regarding Android development!

The review

You can read the full review here. The best score was obtained in the “Is it easy to use” category (19/20), while the worst score was from the “Does it fill it’s purpose” category (12/20). I kinda feel it should have gotten a better score in this category, since some of the findings he suggests are for improvements, not because the basic purpose isn’t accomplished, but in general the reviewer points out some valuable suggestions for improving the app, and all comments are welcome.

Install to SD card

One of the points the reviewer makes is regarding the ability to store the app in the SD card. I previously thought that this was set in the Developer Console, using the “Copy Protection” setting as shown below… setting it Off means that the app can be copied from internal storage (or so I thought):

Copy Protection

However after reading this I investigated some and found out that this is done using the¬†android:installLocation manifest attribute. This is declared in the <manifest> element, and can be equal to “preferExternal” or “auto” (not including it will mean you only want it installed in internal storage). So the next update will include some vocabulary word fixes, and the ability to install in the removable SD card! More about the installLocation attribute¬†here.

Submit your app

In general I think submitting your app to Droid Idol is a win-win situation for developers and for Droid Idol. As a developer, you’re getting free exposure of your app to all of Droid Idol’s readers and some valuable and impartial feedback regarding your app. Droid Idol on the other hand gets more readers as more apps are reviewed, and as developers tell their friends.

Although there are paid options, I went with the “Normal Review” and only had to wait a few days until it was reviewed. I imagine that as the site becomes more popular the wait time will increase, so if you have an app I would recommend you submit early!