Monthly report – March 2012

Monthly reports  |  April 12, 2012  |  4 responses  

Monthly reportIt’s this time of the month again! As you might have read, about 2 weeks ago I uploaded an important update to my flashcard apps. I can already see the positive ratings increase, but I believe that it wasn’t in time to cause a significant increase in revenue for this month. We’ll have to wait until next month to see the real impact.

This new software update also brought a new source of income: ads. So this monthly report will be the first in which I include income from ads. As I explained a little in this post, this is an experiment to see if  going completely free is a viable option for the flashcard app.

I’ve also got a better idea of the kind of info I would like to publish in the monthly reports. There is a ton of information out there, however I believe the most useful is monthly income by app, and download counts by app, so I’ll start this month with only this info. If you would like any other piece of data please let me know!

I’d also like to use the monthly report for accountability… so I’ll publish my plans for the month, then report back on how I did in the next monthly report.


The results


This month’s income reached $498.63, which is the first time since I started selling Android apps that I didn’t exceeded the previous month’s income. It’s still nothing to sneeze at, however the decrease is just a little disappointing, since it’s almost $100 less than last month.

Of this, $8.33 was from ads (for all languages of the flashcard app). The first day I made any money from ads was April 23, so this is about $0.93/day. It’s currently too little to even consider a free full version, but we’ll see how this changes with time.


The following table contains the total download counts for all free and paid apps, for the last 3 months. The download count decreased about 7% for paid apps and 13% for free apps during last month. This table includes only the downloads from Google Play.

Jan Feb Mar
Total User Installs (paid) 908 1116 1309
Increase (paid) 208 193
Total User Installs (free) 111506 131286 148683
Increase (free) 19780 17397

The forecast

In general I’m having mixed feelings for April, since during these first days the sales have been irregular. I still have to see if this updated version of the flashcard app improves overall sales, as well as uploading to other markets.

Using Google Analytics I’ve noticed that a good amount of traffic to the Electrician Calculator website comes from a couple of electrician forums I participate in, so I’ve decided to go in more regularly and give my 2 cents whenever a topic comes up that I’m familiar with in hopes that this will increase traffic to the sale and thus sales.


My public milestones

This will be my first monthly public milestones list! This is actually something I do along with some coworkers from my 9 to 5 job to help me and them get stuff done, so I’m hoping that publishing my extra-income related to-do’s here will help me do the same.

I’ve limited myself to just 2 public milestones for this month:

  1. Publish to another major alternate market: Even though all the programming work is done, publishing 15 apps to another market is a lot of work in itself, so I’m setting the goal of publishing all these apps to one alternate market this month.
  2. Reuse the flashcard code to crank out a new app: There are literally hundreds of topics in need of flashcards. I’m currently trying to reuse the software I’ve already developed to create other flashcard apps. The first one is… TOEFL Flashcards! For those of you who don’t know, TOEFL stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”, and is a test foreign students must take when applying to a US college to demonstrate a good command of the English language. This app will help students learn certain vocabulary that they should know in order to perform well on this test.

I’ve found several free lists of TOEFL vocabulary online, so I’m already hacking away on getting this done. My goal is to spend as little time as possible since the code will be almost the same, and have this done and published before the end of April.

Stay tuned!