Monthly report – April 2012

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Monthly reportSorry for the late post! I’ve been really busy with my 9-5 job, and working hard to get some updates out and new apps! April has been a pretty regular month. Unfortunately sales have gone down just a little compared to last month, and this will be the second month in a row of declining sales. Let’s go straight to the numbers!

The results


Income is getting harder to report, since now I have three sources of income: Google Play, Mobclix, and Amazon. This is a good thing I guess! This month’s income was $477.39, just slightly below last month’s income. Of this total, $25.38 is from ads and the rest from app sales. I was curious and found out that about 60% of app sales comes from the Electrician Calculator. This is interesting because I only spend about 5% of my time performing updates on this app; most of my time is spent on the flashcard apps. This is probably important insight on to where I should spend most of my development time.

Monthly Income April 2012

I do have a special thing for the flashcard app since I feel it has a wider userbase, and I still think there are some spin-off apps that can be made using the software and word list… keep on reading to find out more.

It’s sad to report that of these numbers, only $1.4 was made from the new GRE Flashcard app, and $0 was made from the Russian Flashcards app! I definitely thought both of these would sell more. The Russian translation could help other version’s sales, since a good number of buyers are from Russia.


The following table shows the downloads for April. The trend continues to be a reduction in download per month count.

Jan Feb Mar Apr
Total User Installs (paid) 908 1116 1309 1456
Increase (paid) 208 193 147
Total User Installs (free) 111506 131286 148683 163127
Increase (free) 19780 17397 14444

The forecast

I’m hesitant to make any kind of forecast for next month, given the unpredictable trend that I’ve been seeing the last few months and that it doesn’t look great while glancing at this month’s numbers. In general the absolute income has been good, and I’m planning to release some new stuff the following weeks, so again I’m hopeful to at least repeat this month’s income.

I’ve said this before, but I’m hoping the next update to the flashcard app will be the last. I’ve fixed a couple of mistranslated words that were pointed out by users, some minor UI updates, and hopefully that should be it.

Public milestones

Last month

Last month I had two milestones: to publish to another major alternate market, and to reuse the flashcard code to crank out a new app. Of these milestones I’ve completed the harder of the two: to reuse the flashcard code. As I mentioned in this post, I published a new app called “GRE Flashcards” (check it out here). This first month was not the most promising in terms of sales, as it only sold 1 copy, however I’m about to publish the free version which will hopefully help this increase some.

Anyway, I’m 1 for 2 for this month.

Next month

Since this May is almost over, I’m setting the following milestones for the end of June:

  1. Publish the free version of the GRE Flashcards: This includes uploading the actual app, as well as all assets for both free and paid versions for Google Play, and to build and upload a version for the Amazon Appstore).
  2. Publish a free and paid version of the TOEFL Flashcards: This is exactly the same code as the GRE flashcards app, but I’ve gathered words from different sources to create a word list for people preparing for the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Code reuse FTW!
  3. Finish the update for all versions of the Language Flashcards: Finish this last update to the Language flashcards, and publish to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.
  4. Publish the Word of the Day widget: I’ve been working on reusing everything… for example the GRE and TOEFL flashcards use almost the same code as the language flashcards. For this widget, I’m reusing the word list to create a different app. This widget will display a vocabulary word in another language, and when you touch it it will show the translation. I’ve got about 50% of the code working… which means I have about 20% overall.
  5. Publish a minor update to the Electrician Calculator: I just paid to get the strings translated into French and German. I chose these languages since a good number of buyers are from countries that speak one of these languages, and I would say that most users that buy and then cancel as well. So this is a quick update that I hope to finish before the end of June.

Thanks for reading!

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