Back from hiatus!

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Hey, I’m back!

In the past weeks I’ve been on an unplanned hiatus from blogging. To be totally honest, even though I enjoy writing I’ve been trying to figure out if I should continue doing so. Most of the time it’s fun, I really like the subject and I like getting feedback from and interacting with people; at the same time it does take some valuable hours from my schedule. Also, it seems like there are a constant 100 unique visitors per month*, which is not much, so I sometimes feel my blogging is not making a dent in the universe (for you 37 Signals fans).

Anyway, I’ve decided to return to blogging and give it some more months to see how it goes. I’ve already got new things to share, like a new widget I’m about to publish, a new webapp I’m almost ready to start (as soon as I publish the widget), and I’ve found an artist who is helping me with a children’s ebook, so hopefully it will be interesting and useful for all of you.

Thanks again for reading!


* Excluding a spike in traffic when this article was added in Reddit, yeah! (Merci Thibault! Avez-vous un emploi pour moi en France? =] ). Google Analytics won’t count people who read the blog via a RSS reader, so it could be a tad more.