New site design!

Uncategorized  |  August 24, 2012  |  1 response  


There’s some interesting changes coming to Software as a Living! The first and most obvious is that I’ve changed the WordPress theme I was using previously to this new one. This new one was created by myself after gathering inspiration from other sites. It’s a work in progress as I’m not totally satisfied with it yet (for example I’m not sure which colors are the actual colors… in one of my monitors it looks ok, but not in the other). One of the reasons I made this change in layout and colors was to be able to better fit banner ads… which leads us to change number two: has decided to sponsor this site for the next two months! Although they’re not paying me much, it is a good first step into monetizing the blog. I’ll be adding their banner ads and I’ll write a review of their service soon, so stay tuned! From what I’ve seen it looks like a really interesting discovery service for game developers, so feel free to check it out in the mean time!