I don’t always get featured in a newspaper…

Android  |  January 18, 2013  |  No responses yet  

memeI’ve always tried to keep a layer of privacy between this blog and my real-life self. As you may have noticed, I don’t mention where I’m from, where I’m currently living, my last name, or any other information. I guess I was raised with an awareness of the importance of privacy and being discrete about yourself and what you’re doing, and apply the principle both on and off line.

That totally went out the door this week, but for a good reason: the Electrician Calculator was featured in two of the most important newspapers in Costa Rica (where I’m currently living) including on the cover of one of these.

Several weeks ago I saw another app mentioned in one of these newspapers, so I emailed the reporter and told her I too had made an app that may be newsworthy. I didn’t hear back from her for 2 or 3 weeks, so I kind of just forgot about it. Then last week, just on a whim, I decided to email her again and some other reporters that cover tech stories in local newspapers. This time I got a response from several. One video interview and a few emails back and forth later, and the Electrician Calculator is on the cover of Costa Rica’s most important newspaper.

I doubt this will affect sales much, since this is a very niche app, but it’s cool to see it on paper and to read the friendly comments people post.

Anyway, here they are: