ThankBee update, 001

Web apps  |  January 10, 2013  |  No responses yet  

Following my plan to write smaller, more frequent posts, I’m making this a very quick update.

What I’ve been doing

Getting the word out

The last days besides actually programming, I made two attempts to discretely get the word out to two online communities and try to get feedback and validation for the idea. The first was the Business of Software forum in which I posted the website and requested feedback. I didn’t get much feedback of any kind… just a suggestion to include a privacy policy and fix a spelling mistake.

In doing this I found this site which via a series of questions will generate a custom privacy policy for your site (although to actually get it you have to give them your email).

I also posted the landing page in Hacker News twice in different forms (here and here). The amount of news that’s posted on Hacker News is amazing, and getting and staying on the top posts is a science and an art in and of itself. I’ve read posts from people who are frustrated because without a bit of good luck and good timing, their HN posts will just float down and go unnoticed. Unfortunately, my posts had the same luck and went uncommented. There was a small amount of traffic from HN, but not anything to call home about.

So, after these two initial efforts, I’ve got 2 signups to the “let me know when I can try this” email list.

Development stuff

I’ve been using the Twitter Bootstrap front end framework and I have to admit it’s really nice. Even though I’m a developer 200%, I’ve always had an appreciation and feeling for good design. Bootstrap lets you start a project with nice styling and built-in functionality without spending hours tweaking CSS and Javascript to get a decent looking pull-down menu, or trying to understand and customize some other person’s template.

I’m actually making a “web app template” for use in future projects. So, for example, I’ve got the “log in with your Google account” feature working for ThankBee, and I added this same code to the web app template. So next time around, I’ll start a project and already have this coded.