Web app challenge… accepted

Web apps  |  January 7, 2013  |  1 response  

Being the avid Hacker News reader that I am, I came across this post describing Nathan Barry’s web app challenge. His challenge is to create a web app and grow it to $5k/month income in 6 months, and of course blog about his progress. This sounds like a good idea for me to do as well for the same reasons I mentioned in my last post: accountability, and in my particular case, because my web app’s target users are Android developers. I’ve decided to also take on this web app challenge as my own, and I’ve formatted the rest of this post in a similar fashion as his original post.

The Challenge

So, here is the main goal of my challenge:

Challenge: Within six months build a web application to $1,000 in recurring revenue per month.

I’m not setting any hard limitations like Nathan is, however there are a lot of practical limitations:

  • I’m working full time, so any work on this project will have to be during nights and weekends.
  • I’m not planning to oursource any of the work, however I won’t hesitate to call upon help if needed on a particular task.
  • It will be completely bootstrapped. My budget is undefined still, however it’s not anywhere near $5k. Once it gets some paying users I’m willing to spend all of the income on making it grow.

The idea

I’ve had this idea for a few months but only started to work on it a few days ago. I finished a very quick landing page last week, so I’m ready to make it public:

ThankBee – Thank you emails for Android developers

You can read what this web app will do on the landing page. This should be very useful for any Android developer, so if that’s you, please sign up for the waiting list!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What language will the application be written in? I’m currently using the CakePHP framework for the backend, and Twitter’s Bootstrap framework for the frontend. However once I have something working and useful (and hopefully with some customers) I hope to get a custom frontend made.
  • Will you be doing the development yourself? Yes, I’m planning on doing it mostly by my self. However as I said before, I’m ok with asking for help if needed, and once it’s working I’ll hopefully get some help from a graphic designer to make a prettier landing page and app UI.
  • What if you fail? I would define this challenge as a failure if I don’t get the app into a useable state and my marketing fails to get enough interested users. Failing is not a big deal… it’s not trying that sucks. So if I fail, I’ll just keep the lessons learned and move on to my next challenge.

Spread the word

I’ll try to keep the blog updated with what I’m doing, what I’ve learned, etc. under the “web apps” category. Also, if you’re an Android developer, please sign up to be notified when it’s ready to add more users! And please tell your friends!