Thankbee needs You!

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Thankbee needs youThe past two weeks have been really fun and productive for Thankbee (and of course for me). Last week I was on vacation, visiting my sister near San Francisco, California. This meant that I wasn’t able to be online much and work on Thankbee coding. However it wasn’t totally a wasted week: I was able to attend two Android developer meetups (the Silicon Valley group and the San Francisco group) and was able to talk to people about Thankbee. I was even able to give anĀ impromptuĀ elevator pitch in front of about 100 people, and hand out flyers. The feedback has been good, but there were only about 3 or 4 signups in the landing page.

I arrived home last Sunday, and have been working really hard on the last parts of this app. It’s now ready for beta users!

Thankbee needs YOU!

If you’re an Android developer and sell apps or in-app content in Google Play, please let me know so I can give you access to try this out (or if your best friend, or neighbor, or pesky brother-in-law is a developer, they can also email me)!


The Web App Challenge update

As you’ve read from my previous posts, last January I started the Web App Challenge with the goal of reaching $1000/month in revenue by July 1st, 2013. Two months in and I have a minimum viable project. This means I have little less than 4 months to get the word out, and continue polishing Thankbee’s rough edges. Promising. We’ll see!

Stuff still pending (but not important enough to get into the MVP):

  • Add billing! (this isn’t included because the first month will be free, so I still have at least 1 month before I need this).
  • Make the website less bootstrappy: Nicer looking landing page, maybe a cool logo.
  • Add a template library. Add a media library.
  • Custom fields for the emails (for example, [FIRST_NAME])
  • …and a lot more!