New, turbocharged sales page

Android  |  April 16, 2013  |  3 responses  

I needed a quick break from all the stuff I’m doing, so I decided to finish something I had started a while ago: a remake of the Electrician Calculator’s sales website. I’m pleased to say it’s finished and totally awesome (if I may say so).


Before and after

The following image shows the before (left) and after (right) screenshots (click to enlarge). If you look at them, you’ll see the website is basically the same.┬áThe real magic is behind the scenes.



The previous website was based off of a template I bought in Themeforest. Although it was really nice, it was packed with a bunch of Javascript, CSS and font files I wasn’t really using and slowed things down. So the first thing I did was remake everything from scratch using only Twitter’s Bootstrap framework.┬áThe old website used a lot of images for backgrounds, buttons, etc. which I replaced when possible with CSS to get the same effect, but with less files. For example, the top menu’s gradient is CSS, as is the green/white gradient in the section with the phone images.



The previous design was not responsive, which was something I wanted in this new version. Luckily Bootstrap makes creating responsive websites a synch. You can view the site on your mobile device, resize your browser window or check it out in this screenshot:



Multilanguage blog enabled

Another goal of this remake was make it work with WordPress, in order to write blog posts to attract organic visits. I also wanted to make it multilanguage, since a good percentage of visits come from Spanish speaking countries. To do this I purchased the WPML plugin for WordPress. It took me a while to understand how to make it work for the footer section, but once that was done it’s been really easy to use. WPML is probably the most popular multi-language WordPress plugin, and their support team answered my questions really quickly.

Currently the website is only in English and Spanish, which according to Google Analytics accounts for about 80% of my current traffic, so for the moment I won’t be adding more languages.


CDN Enabled

I also installed the W3 Total Cache plugin. This enables a bunch of cool things like file and database caching, file minification, and hosting static files in a content delivery network (CDN), all of which makes page loading faster. I signed up for Amazon’s CloudFront service and because of my small footprint I still fit in their free plan. Setup was easy and it works seamlessly with WordPress: when creating pages and posts, you just upload your media files as normal and it automatically syncs with CloudFront and changes your URLs to point to the CDN.

I also installed the Yoast SEO plugin which helps with different aspects of SEO. The best part is it works well with WPML, so for example I’m getting my sitemap generated for all languages.



I’m a long time listener of the Start-Ups for the Rest of Us podcast. One of the speakers bought HitTail, a web tool that generates blog topic ideas for your blog using your long tail traffic. I’ve signed up for this service and I’m waiting for the suggestions to come in. With these results I hope to start blogging and attract a larger number of visits from search engines.


Current stats

The current stats I have for the last month is about 600 unique visitors (per month), of which 52% is organic search traffic, 9% referals, and 39% direct traffic. With HitTail’s suggestions, I’ll report back about how this changes in a few months!


Rinse and repeat

Now that I have this template optimized, as soon as I have a free moment or need a break I hope to reuse this for the Costa Rica Idioms app as well!