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Android, iOS  |  June 11, 2013  |  4 responses  

As you read in my previous posts, I currently have some “extra time” on my hands due to the unexpected end of ThankBee. I’m just about finished with the Electrician Calculator for iOS and hope to send it off for Apple’s review process in a couple of weeks. So, I’m thinking about my next steps.

Marketing the calculator

One big thing that I’ve been holding off until the iOS version of the calculator was ready is marketing. In my opinion it would be a waste of time and money to try to market an app when only 50% of the market could buy it, so now that I’m just days from getting the iOS version ready I’m getting ready to plan a marketing strategy. Most of the sites I’m interested in use Adwords, so that’s probably the way I’ll go first. There are several other websites focused on the electrician market which I’ve emailed so this could be an option as well.

Make money with niche sites

I’ve recently started following several “niche website” blogs and have read up on this. It seems like a really fun challenge to search for a keyword and try to create an authority website around this. I’ve been lucky enough to find several keywords which have very little competition and that are also in the electrician niche, so this is a win-win situation: I can make some extra money via Google Ads, and I can also use the site to sell my own app to electricians. I’m really eager to start this and see how well I can rank them.

All this keyword research has also led me to find keywords that I should already be trying to rank for, but that I’m not. For example, the phrase “conduit size calculator” gets 260 monthly searches in the US. I’m on the second page of Google for this search term, and according to Google Analytics 17 people came to the website using this search. That means that if I were to rank better for this keyword, I could increase my visits by around 200 people, which is about a 25% increase. It’s hard to tell if this would be equivalent to a 25% increase in income since I don’t know how many buy after leaving the page, nor if most buyers start in Google Play or start at my website.


A doctor friend of mine asked me to help him make the images and figures for a medical book he was working on. Since he’s a friend I didn’t want to charge him, so he said as payback I could sell the digital version of this book online, so as soon as I have a moment I’m planning on formatting it and selling it on Amazon and Google Play.


With so much fun stuff to do I really wish I could take a week off of my day job and do all these things, or better yet, live off of my own projects and ideas! Maybe someday 🙂