And the new website is…

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urlimg… still on auction on Godaddy.

Yep. Weeks of waiting until there was one week left, then one day… then one hour… then… wait for it… 90 days.

My strategy for winning an awesome new domain on auction was based on the well know technique of sniping. I had carefully placed reminders all over, and checked Godaddy auctions several times on the days before the auction ended just to make sure no one had bidded. Everything seemed under control. I had set an alarm to about an hour and a half before the auction deadline to make sure I would have enough time to post my bid of $60 for an awesome domain.

However to my surprise, instead of showing a few minutes left until the auction would expire, it showed a big ol’ 90 days left. What!?

I haven’t read the rules by which Godaddy auctioneers must abide by, but my suspicion is that the auction will automatically get pushed back if no one bids before 1 hour, or the owner did this himself after it seemed evident no one was bidding. In any case, the domain I wanted isn’t mine and I must wait another 90 days to take a shot at it. So that leaves me in square one regarding my new blogging strategy.

Anyway, I’m kind of in a weird position regarding all this. I’m probably reading too many different opinions about making passive income, and wanting to try a little of everything and not doing much of anything, so these 90 days could be a good amount of time to rethink my online strategy.