Say hello to Joe. Jetpack Joe.

Android  |  February 24, 2014  |  7 responses  

I’ve always thought that:

  • A large percentage of code can be easily reused to make more stuff
  • Making stuff doesn’t have to be expensive

I didn’t set out to prove this, but I think I did with my second published game in 2 weeks! Meet Jetpack Joe.

My first game, Flappy Reloaded, wasn’t exactly really original and to be honest I’m a bit uneasy about it, since at any moment Google could decide to pull it from the Play store. Because of this I decided to give it a completely new skin using only free resources from the web. Flappy Reloaded takes Flappy Bird’s pixel art style so I wanted to keep that old school feel for the remake. I Googled around and came across Open Game Art, a website with a bunch of free textures, sprites, animations and more. You have to dig around but there are some really good graphics. From here I got all of the new assets, including an awesome new explosion animation that you’ll see when you crash.

Next I looked for pixel fonts and finally chose this one. A bit of Gimp and TexturePacker and everything was ready for coding.¬†This code update was quick: I only removed some stuff that didn’t make sense for this character (like the rotation of the main sprite when going up or down), and added a few lines of code to get the parallax effect of the moon in the background, the new explosion animation, and we were ready to go!

Go ahead and download Jetpack Joe from Google Play:

Jetpack Joe

Jetpack Joe