And my third game is…

Android  |  March 23, 2014  |  2 responses  

… again, not really mine. Given the latest big thing and the extremely permissive MIT license it’s distributed under, I went ahead and wrapped it in an APK and published it in Google Play. Yes, it’s yet another 2048 app.


But in my defense, it wasn’t just copy-paste. For example I had to code some to avoid screen rotations from restarting the game, and to make the high score not get forgotten each time the app was closed, added a menu, etc. In that sense, this was the first time that I worked with a Javascript app embedded in an Android app so I learned a lot about Javascript-Android interaction and all the tools that the platform provides.

For some reason I’m not sure of, my analytics are reporting that my version is very popular in China. I’ve only published it in Google Play which reports a much lower download count than what Google Analytics is showing so it must be getting downloaded from somewhere else. I later found it was available for download from, although there it reports 0-50 downloads. So I may never know the source of these downloads. But I’m not complaining.

A pretty smart suggestion made to me is to look for other MIT licensed code and also publish them. My belief is that it’s very unlikely to make a single hit app, and I tend to embrace the philosophy that “many small streams make a big river”, so this suggestion fits right in to my plan for world domination.

Anyway, here is the link. Feedback, shares and 5 star ratings are appreciated  🙂