Au revoir, flashcards

Android  |  September 29, 2014  |  4 responses  

After several months of being posted in Apptopia, just last week I completed the sale of all my flashcard apps (and widgets)!

If you recall, the flashcard apps were my very first apps, way back in 2011. It was a different world then. I started developing these apps even before having an Android device, and was first able to test them thanks to friends who would lend me their phones for a few minutes.

Even though I feel I should be a tad nostalgic, for some reason I’m not. I felt that having them alongside my calculator app might make that one look less professional. And even though they were still making some money, they weren’t something I was interested in investing any more time in.

My general philosophy toward software development hasn’t changed. Software is the clearest path for me to passive income since it requires almost no money investment – just time. However the “pay $1 for a lifetime of updates” model is one I’m looking to get away from. This doesn’t mean I’m leaving mobile apps… I’m just trying to climb higher in the value scale.


My first concept image for the flashcard apps.

One thing I forgot to do before transferring the app to the buyer was to check the download count. My estimate is that the total downloads was just one or two hundred thousand short of a million, which isn’t bad at all. And, like I mentioned here, they were used in almost every country in the world.

Au revoir, flashcards. Thanks for helping me and many others.